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Family-Focused Dentist in Lacey, WA

Nothing is more important to us than our families. And, we carry this belief into everything we do as dentists. We take the time to listen, and we want to get to know you as people, not just patients. Most importantly, our recommendations and treatment plans are developed as if you were a member of our family. We are conservative and practical, and we never prescribe anything we would not do ourselves. At Peterson & Cammack, you are family.

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The Next Generation of Braces

Traditional braces with metal brackets and wires have been around for decades. They do a good job of straightening teeth and aligning occlusion. However, ClearCorrect represents the next generation of braces and provides patients with the opportunity to perfect their smiles through invisible, clear aligners. Best of all, ClearCorrect often costs less, works faster and goes unnoticed.

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Our website is designed to answer your questions and to provide lots of useful information. However, you may have a specific question or concern. Our team looks forward to personally answering your questions -- even before you become a member of Peterson & Cammack.

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Your Home For Dental Implants

For more than 30 years, dental implants have proven themselves as an ideal way to replace missing teeth. In fact, they have achieved a 95% success rate over this period of time. At Peterson & Cammack, we are proud to be able to handle your dental implants from start-to-finish. This means no trips to far away specialists and no surprise bills. Everything starts with a thorough evaluation, and we build a plan for your beautiful, new smile from there.

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5201 Corporate Center Ct. SE, Lacey, WA 98503 USA
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