Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Lacey, WA

Precise Treatments Using the Latest Technology


At Peterson & Cammack Dentistry, our team understands that the dental field is changing every day due to new research, knowledge, and technology being shared. We truly love that about our field, which is why we try our best to stay up-to-date with the latest that the dental field has to offer, including digital X-ray imaging. Not only are these methods of diagnosing issues more accurate, but they’re also safer as well. You can learn more about some of the technology that we use around our dental office by reading below.

Digital X-Rays

Dental team member looking at digital x-rays on computer screen

Traditionally, X-rays had to be developed slowly in a darkroom with potentially dangerous chemicals, then awkwardly stored in huge filing cabinets. Here at Peterson & Cammack Dentistry, that tiresome method is a thing of the past. With digital X-ray technology, we can take exceptionally detailed images of your teeth, jaw, and other oral structures that are then immediately viewable on a convenient chairside monitor – no waiting required! Better yet, these important X-rays are securely saved on our computer system and can be easily sent or reproduced for referrals, insurance purposes, and patient education if needed.