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5201 Corporate Center Ct. SE
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Preventive Dentistry for Lacey Families

While our team is always happy to help you and your family with cavities and other important restorative care, we want to do a lot more for you as your trusted oral healthcare team. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Cammack believe strongly in the power of prevention and how it can dramatically benefit your teeth, your self-confidence, and your budget over the years. Our team here in Lacey, WA will always work hard to catch potential dental issues as early as possible and to provide you with the support and education you need to maintain a healthy smile for life.

Teeth Cleaning & Oral Hygiene

With the help of regular check-ups and hygiene appointments every six months, our office can create a strong foundation for your oral health that should last for years to come. First, we’ll carefully inspect your mouth for any signs of decay, damage, or developmental issues, relying on advanced diagnostic technology to ensure that our findings are as thorough and precise as possible. Then, one of our trusted hygienists will inspect your gums and treat you to an in-depth cleaning that’s sure to leave your smile feeling polished and refreshed. We’ll even be happy to take a look at your oral healthcare routine and provide helpful instruction and suggestions for improving it so that you can better protect your teeth and gums at home.

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Family Dentistry

Our team welcomes patients of all ages. We know how busy Lacey families can be, and we want to make getting all of your necessary dentistry services easy and convenient. We are happy to provide block scheduling, so you can bring every member of your family to see us on the same day. We offer comprehensive dental care, and our skilled dentists and caring dental team have years of advanced training and experience that allows us to offer dentistry treatments for every member of the family. In our office, you and your loved ones will always feel right at home. From the moment you arrive in our Lacey family dentistry practice, we’ll go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so you’ll can look forward to your dental appointments with our friendly, knowledgeable dentists and team.

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Digital X-Rays

Traditionally, X-rays had to be developed slowly in a darkroom with potentially dangerous chemicals, then awkwardly stored in huge filing cabinets. Here at Peterson & Cammack Dentistry, that tiresome method is a thing of the past. With digital X-ray technology, we can take exceptionally detailed images of your teeth, jaw, and other oral structures that are then immediately viewable on a convenient chairside monitor – no waiting required! Better yet, these important X-rays are securely saved on our computer system and can be easily sent or reproduced for referrals, insurance purposes, and patient education if needed.

Periodontal Therapy

Today, nearly 80% of Americans suffer from some level of periodontal disease. While this common condition may seem relatively mild at first, it can quickly progress to more dangerous stages if left untreated for too long. That’s why Dr. Peterson, Dr. Cammack, and their team are committed to both diagnosing periodontal disease and treating it as early as possible. There are several therapy options we may recommend for your specific situation, depending on what stage of periodontal disease you’re experiencing; these could include more thorough hygiene appointments, more diligent home care, or scaling and root planing. No matter what we decide on, our staff will always take their time to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring, while annoying, is usually seen a relatively harmless habit. But did you know that it can actually be an indicator of a much more serious condition? Many chronic snorers suffer from sleep apnea, a disorder that causes a person’s airway to become blocked constantly during rest, which can lead to daytime exhaustion and other potentially dangerous symptoms. At Peterson & Cammack Dentistry, we’re happy to provide patients who’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea with a customized oral appliance that repositions their tongue and lower jawbone in order to keep their airway clear and allow them to get a good night’s sleep at last.

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Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) is a common problem for many patients, especially those affected by stress. What’s worse is that while some patients can fight against the habit during the day, unconscious grinding during sleep can lead to a variety of potentially serious health issues, including structural damage to the teeth and serious pain in the muscles and tissues around the jaw. At Peterson & Cammack Dentistry, an in-depth evaluation will allow us to check the current state of your teeth, soft tissue, and facial muscles. If we determine that you’re suffering from bruxism, we can provide you with a customized oral appliance that protects your teeth so that you can rest comfortably and confidently once more.

Pediatric Dental Care

Children often need a special approach to feel completely comfortable and safe when it comes to dental care, and that’s just what our team strives to provide with our pediatric services. With the help of friendly check-ups, gentle cleanings, and preventive services like dental sealants and fluoride treatments, our Lacey, WA dental team can create a strong foundation of optimal oral health for your loved one in a friendly and warm environment they’ll be happy to visit every six months. We’ll also be sure to closely monitor their developmental progress and make recommendations for treatment as early as possible.

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Other General & Family Dentistry Options

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